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Calliandra emarginata – Dwarf Red Powder Puff

  A lovely, small, evergreen tree that reaches heights of only 10-15 feet in height. Flowers can be enjoyed most of the year. Hummingbirds love this tree!  

Bauhinia divaricata – Butterfly Orchid

This small, semi deciduous tree, blooms all year long. It is a more unusual looking Bauhinia species and tends to have a weeping habit when it is a mature tree. Birds, bees, and butterflies all love this plant.

Phymosia umbellata – Mexican Bush Mallow

This wonderful member of the hibiscus family blooms all year long. The red flowers attract a lot of bees and butterflies. It is a large shrub or small tree, maxing out at 15 feet in height. It is cold hardy to zone 9b.   

Spathodea campanulata ‘Aurea’ – Yellow African Tulip

This large evergreen tree is native to Tropical Africa. The Yellow flowers bloom fall, winter and spring. There is also a more commonly seen orange flowered Spathodea. Origin: Tropical Africa Height: 75 ft Growth: fast Flowering: fall – spring Salt tolerance: moderate to high

Cocktail Citrus Tree

Six citrus varieties grafted on to one tree! This is the best tree for citrus lovers with a small yard. 3 of of the 6 are guaranteed, and usually include Meyer Lemon, Persian Lime, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Ponkan Tangerine, Navel Orange, and Minneola Tangelo.   

Lime – Citrus

              VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS INDIAN SWEET (Palestine) Citrus limettoides Lemon X orange X Mexican lime FEW MEDIUM 1¾” – 2½” Not acidic, referred to as sweet. Medium-sized tree with irregular, thick and thorny branches , while the leaves are cupped or rolled. Round […]

Lemon – Citrus lemon

              VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS EUREKA (similar to Lisbon, Sicilian, Harvey) Citrus limon var. Eureka EVERBEARING FEW 0 – 5 SMALL 2” – 2½” Moderately vigorous, spreading growth habit, thorny. Very juicy, acidic, excellent for cooking. Common commercial variety. Similar to grocery variety. Cold […]


              VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS CENTENNIEL(oblong) (variegated) NOV – MAY SM – MED 2” – 2-1/2” Sour, similar in taste to limequat (Key Lime). Turns orange when very ripe. MARUMI (round) Fortunella japonica FEW SMALL 1” – 1½” Plant thornier than Nagami; more tart […]

Orange – Citrus sinensis

              VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS AMBERSWEET Clementine tangerine X Orlando tangelo. OCT – DEC MANY 10 – 20 MEDIUM Moderately thick rind, easily peeled. Flesh tender, deep orange color, good juice. When fruit gets too ripe starts to dry. Tree upright, dense foliage. Moderately […]

Grapefruit – Citrus x paradisi

          VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS DUNCAN NOV – MAY SEEDY LARGE White flesh. Excellent flavor; very juicy; sweet like the reds; popular for sectioning. Vigorous, large, attractive growth habit, dark-green foliage, very productive. One of the best tasting varieties. FLAME Citrus paradisi NOV – MAY FEW […]