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Senna polyphylla – Desert Cassia

An evergreen shrub  that may be shaped into becoming a small tree.  A year round bloomer the yellow flowers appear all along the branches. Origin: Puerto Rico to Virgin Islands Height: 26ft Growth: moderately fast Flowering: year round Salt tolerance: medium

Pseudobombax ellipticum – Shaving Brush

A medium size tree which is deciduous and blooms in the winter. The flowers are pink or white and resemble a shaving brush. This bombax has no thorns. Origin: Mexico- Central America Height: 33ft Growth: fast Flowering: spring Salt tolerance: moderate – high  

Pachira aquatica – Guiana Chestnut

This large evergreen tree is native from Mexico to South America. The white fragrant shaving brush like flowers with red tips blooms year round. Origin: Tropical, Central, and South America Height: 66ft Growth: moderate Flowering: year round Salt tolerance: low  

Newbouldia laevis – African Border Tree

The place of origin for this medium evergreen tree is Tropical Africa. The clusters of lavender flowers bloom winter and spring. Origin: Tropical West Africa Height: 60ft Growth: fast Flowering: summer Salt tolerance: moderate

Hibiscus tiliaceus ‘variegata’ – Tri-color Mahoe

A very salt tolerant medium evergreen tree native to the Caribbean. With the yellow blooms and tri-color leaves you will have color year round. Origin: Pan Tropical Height: 33ft Growth: fast Flowering: year round Salt tolerance: high  

Kigelia pinnata – Sausage Tree

A medium evergreen tree from Tropical Africa that blooms year round. The flowers are dark red, fragrant and open only at night. The seed pods are large and resemble sausages, hence the name. Origin: Tropical Africa Height: 53ft Growth: fast, then moderate Flowering: on and off all year Salt tolerance: moderate  

Erythrina variegata var. Orientalis – Tiger Claw Tree

This medium deciduous tree with variegated leaves is a spring bloomer. The multiple red blooms are a standout. Originates from the Philippines and Indonesia. Origin: India to the Philippines and Pacific Height: 66ft Growth: fast Flowering: winter to early spring Salt tolerance: high

Dombeya ‘seminole’

An evergreen shrub or small tree that has clusters of pink blooms. This shrub blooms spring, fall and winter. Origin: Hybrid, Madagascar Height: 8-10ft Growth: moderate/slow Flowering: fall/winter/spring Salt tolerance: low

Cordia lutea – Yellow Geiger

Native to Peru and Ecuador this evergreen plant may be used as a large shrub or trained to become a small tree. The clusters of bright yellow flowers bloom throughout the year.

Cordia boissieri – White Geiger

Also known as the Texas Olive this plant is native to Mexico and Texas. A large evergreen  and can become shrub or small tree it blooms year round with clusters of white flowers. Once established it will become drought tolerant, needs good drainage.