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Calliandra emarginata – Dwarf Red Powder Puff

  A lovely, small, evergreen tree that reaches heights of only 10-15 feet in height. Flowers can be enjoyed most of the year. Hummingbirds love this tree!  

Bauhinia divaricata – Butterfly Orchid

This small, semi deciduous tree, blooms all year long. It is a more unusual looking Bauhinia species and tends to have a weeping habit when it is a mature tree. Birds, bees, and butterflies all love this plant.

Andansonia digitata – Baobab

Referred to as the upside down tree, this tree is famous for its large trunk and its resemblance to an upside down tree when the leaves have fallen off. The flowers appear in the late evening until early morning.

Phymosia umbellata – Mexican Bush Mallow

This wonderful member of the hibiscus family blooms all year long. The red flowers attract a lot of bees and butterflies. It is a large shrub or small tree, maxing out at 15 feet in height. It is cold hardy to zone 9b.   

Cocktail Citrus Tree

Six citrus varieties grafted on to one tree! This is the best tree for citrus lovers with a small yard. 3 of of the 6 are guaranteed, and usually include Meyer Lemon, Persian Lime, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Ponkan Tangerine, Navel Orange, and Minneola Tangelo.   

Lime – Citrus

              VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS INDIAN SWEET (Palestine) Citrus limettoides Lemon X orange X Mexican lime FEW MEDIUM 1¾” – 2½” Not acidic, referred to as sweet. Medium-sized tree with irregular, thick and thorny branches , while the leaves are cupped or rolled. Round […]

Lemon – Citrus lemon

              VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS EUREKA (similar to Lisbon, Sicilian, Harvey) Citrus limon var. Eureka EVERBEARING FEW 0 – 5 SMALL 2” – 2½” Moderately vigorous, spreading growth habit, thorny. Very juicy, acidic, excellent for cooking. Common commercial variety. Similar to grocery variety. Cold […]


              VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS CENTENNIEL(oblong) (variegated) NOV – MAY SM – MED 2” – 2-1/2” Sour, similar in taste to limequat (Key Lime). Turns orange when very ripe. MARUMI (round) Fortunella japonica FEW SMALL 1” – 1½” Plant thornier than Nagami; more tart […]

Orange – Citrus sinensis

              VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS AMBERSWEET Clementine tangerine X Orlando tangelo. OCT – DEC MANY 10 – 20 MEDIUM Moderately thick rind, easily peeled. Flesh tender, deep orange color, good juice. When fruit gets too ripe starts to dry. Tree upright, dense foliage. Moderately […]

Grapefruit – Citrus x paradisi

          VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS DUNCAN NOV – MAY SEEDY LARGE White flesh. Excellent flavor; very juicy; sweet like the reds; popular for sectioning. Vigorous, large, attractive growth habit, dark-green foliage, very productive. One of the best tasting varieties. FLAME Citrus paradisi NOV – MAY FEW […]