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Lysiloma latisiliqua – Wild Tamarind

A large evergreen tree that is salt and drought tolerant once established. The tree has fern like leaves with white blooms from spring through summer. Native to South Florida. Origin: Native to South Florida Height: 40ft Growth: moderate Flowering: spring and summer Salt tolerance: high

Kigelia pinnata – Sausage Tree

A medium evergreen tree from Tropical Africa that blooms year round. The flowers are dark red, fragrant and open only at night. The seed pods are large and resemble sausages, hence the name. Origin: Tropical Africa Height: 53ft Growth: fast, then moderate Flowering: on and off all year Salt tolerance: moderate  

Senna didymobotrya – Popcorn Cassia

Large evergreen shrub with yellow erect  flowers from Tropical Africa. A fast growing plant that gives off the smell of buttered popocorn when leaves are rubbed and blooms throughout the year. Prune to maintain shape.

Cananga odorata – Ylang-Ylang

A heavily fragrant tree that is said to be used in Chanel No. 5 perfume. This medium sized evergreen tree is from Tropical Asia and blooms year round.

Brunfelsia nitida – Lady of the Night

A small fragrant evergreen shrub with creamy yellow flowers. Fragrance is strongest in the early evening hours. Blooms year round.

Bombax glabra – French Peanut

This is a fragrant medium sized tree that is semi-deciduous. It blooms in the spring and the flowers are white.

Acacia farnesiana – Sweet Acacia

A small salt tolerant evergreen tree with golden yellow pompom like flowers and thorny branches. It’s fragrant flowers are used for the perfume industry throughout Europe. Blooms year round, but heaviest in spring and winter.