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Grapefruit – Citrus x paradisi

          VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS DUNCAN NOV – MAY SEEDY LARGE White flesh. Excellent flavor; very juicy; sweet like the reds; popular for sectioning. Vigorous, large, attractive growth habit, dark-green foliage, very productive. One of the best tasting varieties. FLAME Citrus paradisi NOV – MAY FEW […]

Tangelo – (mandarin [tangerine] X grapefruit) Citrus x tangelo

VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS MINNEOLA(Honeybell) Duncan grapefruit X Dancy tangerine DEC – MAY FEW 7 – 12 LARGE 3” – 3½” Bell shaped fruit, very sweet flavor. Peel thin, smooth, reddish orange with orange flesh. Vigorous, large tree. Extremely juicy. More tangerine taste. Cold hardy. NOVA Clementine tangerine X Orlando […]

Tangerine – Citrus reticulata

              VARIETY SEASON OF MATURITY SEEDS/ FRUIT FRUIT SIZE COMMENTS CLEMENTINE Citrus clementina OCT – FEB FEW 0 – 6 SMALL 2” Sweet, easy peel, orange peel color. Spain. Cold hardy. DANCY DEC – JAN MANY 6 – 20 SMALL 2¼” – 2½” One of FL’s oldest tangerine varieties.Traditional […]


We have the best selection of citrus trees for sale in Homestead, FL. Providing quality citrus trees from 3 gallon – 45 gallon. Click the following link to download our Citrus List .  (Call for Availability, as it changes daily. Not all items in stock)   Varieties: Cocktail Citrus           Grapefruit      […]

Pseuderanthemum sp. – (variegated purple)

This oddly beautiful plant has purple, green, and white variegated leaves. Within this lush foliage, are small slightly fragrant purple flowers. This plant can be trimmed into a bush or standard, and makes a unique addition to the landscape given its colors. It is a small plant, reaching heights of less than 6 feet. Blooms […]

Markhamia lutea – Siala

The yellow markhamia is a species not well known to many people. Despite this, it is an excellent tree that produces clusters of yellow blooms throughout the year. It originates from East Africa and has a fast growth rate. In its natural habitat it can reach heights of 43 feet, but in a home or […]

Markhamia stipulata var. pierrii – Red Markhamia

A tree from Asia, this beauty is a rare red form of the Markhamia stipulata (white). Once mature, this tree blooms on and off, sporadically throughout the year. A fast growing, medium size  tree.

Parkinsonia aculeata – Jerusalem thorn

The Jerusalem thorn is a marvelous small tree. It blooms spring into summer covering the tree with a flush of small yellow flowers. The tree appears to be very brittle and delicate, but is doused with thorns from top to bottom. Great tree for coastal planting due to its high salt tolerance. It is also […]

Stemmadenia litoralis – Milky Way Tree

A small evergreen tree with slightly fragrant white flowers. This species is rather tolerant of salt, making it an excellent choice for planting near the coast. Origin: Mexico – Columbia Height:  23 ft Growth: moderate Flowering: all year Salt tolerance: high

Sesbania Grandiflora – Pink Hummingbird Tree

The grandiflora is a medium tree that can reach heights of 43 feet and it produces large pink flowers. After the flowers have dropped, long seed pods take their place. The tree grows fast, and like the Sesbania tripetii it needs to be trimmed to keep its shape. Origin: Tropical Asia Height: 43ft Growth: fast […]