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Pachira aquatica – Guiana Chestnut

This large evergreen tree is native from Mexico to South America. The white fragrant shaving brush like flowers with red tips blooms year round. Origin: Tropical, Central, and South America Height: 66ft Growth: moderate Flowering: year round Salt tolerance: low  

Lysiloma latisiliqua – Wild Tamarind

A large evergreen tree that is salt and drought tolerant once established. The tree has fern like leaves with white blooms from spring through summer. Native to South Florida. Origin: Native to South Florida Height: 40ft Growth: moderate Flowering: spring and summer Salt tolerance: high

Ceiba pentandra – Kapok Tree

A large deciduous tree with a smooth green trunk. This spring bloomer with creamy white flowers gets large seed pods that are filled with a silky ‘fluff’ or kapok as it’s known, which at one time was used in life preservers and car seats.