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Colvillea racemosa – Colville’s Glory

The Colvillea racemosa is an endangered species from Madagascar, and is very closely related to the Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia). The trees are usually very difficult to tell apart until they bloom in the late summer, early fall. Unlike the Royal poinciana, it is a moderate grower. It has a low salt tolerance, and moderate […]

Markhamia stipulata var. pierrii – Red Markhamia

A tree from Asia, this beauty is a rare red form of the Markhamia stipulata (white). Once mature, this tree blooms on and off, sporadically throughout the year. A fast growing, medium size  tree.

Sesbania Grandiflora – Pink Hummingbird Tree

The grandiflora is a medium tree that can reach heights of 43 feet and it produces large pink flowers. After the flowers have dropped, long seed pods take their place. The tree grows fast, and like the Sesbania tripetii it needs to be trimmed to keep its shape. Origin: Tropical Asia Height: 43ft Growth: fast […]

Erythrina crista-galli – Cockspur Coral tree

The crista-galli is a tree often found in cooler gardens due to its ability to survive colder temperatures. It blooms throughout summer and fall and has a unique cork-wood bark to it. If there is a harsh winter, the tree will burn back, but as temperatures warm up, the tree will flush out again. High salt […]

Jacaranda mimsifolia

The jacaranda is highly used as an avenue tree. The tree is deciduous, but the vibrant display of violet-bluish flowers followed by the leaf drop is no match for naked branches. It is a spring bloomer and can withstand some cold. An excellent addition to the landscape. Origin: Argentina – Brazil Height: 53ft Growth: fast […]

Albizia julibrissin – Mimosa Tree

An exotic tree from China that carries a pink powder puff like flower on top of its branches. The flowers are fragrant and are seen blooming in spring. The mimosa tree prefers an open space given that it grows very wide and spreads horizontally. It is a medium deciduous tree. high salt tolerance. Origin: North […]

Erythrina variegata ‘alba’

This  is the pure white version of the Erythrina variegata (orange). This extraordinary tree is not common. It is a medium, deciduous tree (like most erythrinas) and blooms after it drops its leaves in the late winter/early spring. Origin: India to the Philippines and Pacific Height: 66ft Growth: fast Flowering: winter – early spring Salt […]

Cassia javanica – Apple Blossom

With rosey pink and light pink blooms along it’s branches, this medium tree is one of the showiest of the cassia’s. A spring  through   summer bloomer, it can reach a height of  40 ft. and taller in it’s native Asia landscape. Origin: SE Asia Height: 40ft Growth: moderate Flowering: spring Salt tolerance: medium

Tabebuia impetiginosa – Purple Tab

A medium tree with semi-deciduous leaves originally from Brazil. The purple to pink flowers bloom in the spring and the tree is also cold hardy to zone 9. Origin: Tropical S. America Height: 33ft Growth: fast Flowering: spring Salt tolerance: medium