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Bursera simaruba – Gumbo Limbo

This large deciduous tree is most notable for it’s peeling reddish bark. The small white blooms that appear spring and winter are insignificant. A native to South Florida and the Caribbean it also has a high salt tolerance. Origin: Tropical America Height: 82ft Growth: fast Flowering: all year Salt tolerance: high

Guaiacum sanctum – Lignum Vitae

A very slow growing hardwood tree with dark leathery green leaves. This evergreen tree has blue flowers that blooms spring and summer. Native to South Florida. High salt tolerance. Origin: Tropical America Height: 33ft Growth: slow Flowering: all year Salt tolerance: high

Erythrina herbacea – Coral Bean

Native to Florida this deciduous small tree can also be found in the SE US states and into NE  Mexico. A spring and summer bloomer with pink flowers. High salt tolerance. Origin: Native to Florida Height: 20ft Growth: fast Flowering: spring/summer Salt tolerance: high

Duranta erecta – Golden Dewdrop

A large shrub or small tree with purple blooms. An evergreen plant that blooms spring, summer and fall. Native to Florida, the Caribbean and Brazil. Origin: Southern USA to Brazil Height: 26ft Growth: fast Flowering: year round Salt tolerance: moderate

Acacia farnesiana – Sweet Acacia

A small salt tolerant evergreen tree with golden yellow pompom like flowers and thorny branches. It’s fragrant flowers are used for the perfume industry throughout Europe. Blooms year round, but heaviest in spring and winter.

Cordia sebestena – Orange Geiger

Cordia sebestena, or as most people call it – “The Orange Geiger Tree” finds it’s origins in Florida. Does best in full sun and reaches a height of approximately 10 feet. The Orange Geiger can experience some burn during the winter when the temperatures dip into the 30’s. Protect young trees until established. The bright orange […]