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Brugmansia – Angel Trumpet

A large bush, or small standard tree, that produces large trumpet shaped flowers that hang downwards. Angel trumpets come in a variety of colors, and thrive during the winter when most other tropical trees have dropped their foliage. The flowers are fragrant, some more than others. Origin: Andes. Ecuador Height: 16ft Growth: moderately fast Flowering: […]

Albizia julibrissin – Mimosa Tree

An exotic tree from China that carries a pink powder puff like flower on top of its branches. The flowers are fragrant and are seen blooming in spring. The mimosa tree prefers an open space given that it grows very wide and spreads horizontally. It is a medium deciduous tree. high salt tolerance. Origin: North […]

Erythrina variegata ‘alba’

This  is the pure white version of the Erythrina variegata (orange). This extraordinary tree is not common. It is a medium, deciduous tree (like most erythrinas) and blooms after it drops its leaves in the late winter/early spring. Origin: India to the Philippines and Pacific Height: 66ft Growth: fast Flowering: winter – early spring Salt […]

Radermachera kunming – Dwarf Jasmine Tree

This small tree, originally from Thailand, sports a cluster of flowers that are extremely fragrant. The more sun this tree receives, the more flowers it tends to produce. Often used as an ornamental in landscaping, the Radermachera is a beautiful and unique addition to any landscape. Origin: Thailand Height: 15-25ft Growth: moderate Flowering: year round […]

Callistemon viminalis-Weeping Bottlebrush

Native to Australia this evergreen large shrub or small tree blooms in the spring. The red blooms resemble brushes used for baby bottles. Origin: Australia Height: 26ft Growth: moderate Flowering: on and off throughout the year Salt tolerance: moderate    

Calliandra haematocephala ‘alba’ – White Powder Puff

A small evergreen tree that blooms only in the spring. It is the white form of the Calliandra Haematocephala. (Red powder puff). Origin: South America Height: 20ft Growth: moderate Flowering: winter Salt tolerance: low

Calliandra surinaemensis – Pink Powder Puff

A small tree or large shrub, this evergreen tree has pink flowers that bloom all year, heaviest in the spring. Origin: Northern regions of South America Height: 20ft Growth: moderate Flowering: all year Salt tolerance: low

Bauhinia divaricata

This small tree is evergreen with blooms year round. The pink and white flowers are delicate-like and showy. Origin: Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Honduras Height: 20ft Growth: moderate Flowering: all year Salt tolerance: medium

Thevetia peruviana – Lucky Nut

The lucky nut is a beautiful evergreen tree that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. It’s a great addition to any South Florida landscape given its high salt tolerance, year round blooming, and ever so fragrant flowers. As shown below, this tree comes in white, peach, or yellow. Origin: Tropical America Height: 23ft Growth: fast Flowering: year […]

Tamarindus indica – Edible Tamarind

This is a large tree that is native to India. the light yellow blooms with evergreen leaves bloom in the spring and summer. Seed pods are used to make tea and are also edible. Makes a great shade tree. Origin: Africa Height: 33ft Growth: moderate Flowering: year round Salt tolerance: high