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Hibiscus syriacus – Rose of Sharon (double purple)

This gorgeous small plant can be trimmed into a bush or a standard tree. The flowers last until winter, and return again when the leaves begin to grow again. The rose of sharon is very cold hardy, found in zones as cold as zone 5, all the way down to zone 11. A fast grower, […]

Mundulea sericea – Cork Bush

The cork bush is a wonderful and unusual small tree, reaching height of only 8-10 feet. Originating in Africa, it is rare-in-the-trade here in the United States. It has small purple clusters of flowers that can be viewed from spring until summer, some even say October through January as well. The cork bush gets its name from its […]

Dichrostachys cinerea – Princess Earrings

This small rare tree has a gorgeous unique flower resembling an earring. The flower starts off pink, with a yellow tip, and fades to white the next day. The princess earring is widely used for bonsai since it has tiny leaflets and flexible shape. It blooms sporadically throughout the year. High salt tolerance. Origin: Africa- Australia […]

Chorisia speciosa – Silk Floss Tree

This brilliant tree sports vivid large pink flowers that, in the month of October, completely cover the tree. The silk floss tree is a large tree that isn’t just known for its flowers, but its spiny trunk as well (often referred to as the “monkey no climb tree”). It has many different crosses resulting in […]

Erythrina herbacea – Coral Bean

Native to Florida this deciduous small tree can also be found in the SE US states and into NE  Mexico. A spring and summer bloomer with pink flowers. High salt tolerance. Origin: Native to Florida Height: 20ft Growth: fast Flowering: spring/summer Salt tolerance: high

Caesalpinia pulcherrima – Dwarf Poinciana

Also known as the Pride of Barbados this is an evergreen plant that may be used as a large shrub or a small tree. An excellent use for a small yard. A native to the West Indies it blooms year round in a variety of colors, some being yellow, pink, and red orange.

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