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Brugmansia – Angel Trumpet

A large bush, or small standard tree, that produces large trumpet shaped flowers that hang downwards. Angel trumpets come in a variety of colors, and thrive during the winter when most other tropical trees have dropped their foliage. The flowers are fragrant, some more than others. Origin: Andes. Ecuador Height: 16ft Growth: moderately fast Flowering: […]

Callistemon viminalis-Weeping Bottlebrush

Native to Australia this evergreen large shrub or small tree blooms in the spring. The red blooms resemble brushes used for baby bottles. Origin: Australia Height: 26ft Growth: moderate Flowering: on and off throughout the year Salt tolerance: moderate    

Calliandra haematocephala ‘alba’ – White Powder Puff

A small evergreen tree that blooms only in the spring. It is the white form of the Calliandra Haematocephala. (Red powder puff). Origin: South America Height: 20ft Growth: moderate Flowering: winter Salt tolerance: low

Calliandra surinaemensis – Pink Powder Puff

A small tree or large shrub, this evergreen tree has pink flowers that bloom all year, heaviest in the spring. Origin: Northern regions of South America Height: 20ft Growth: moderate Flowering: all year Salt tolerance: low

Tipuana tipu – Pride of Bolivia/Rosewood

A large evergreen tree with yellow-orange blooms. Native to South America this is a cold hardy tree that blooms in the spring. Origin: Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia Height: 115ft Growth: fast Flowering: spring to summer Salt tolerance: low  

Tabebuia impetiginosa – Purple Tab

A medium tree with semi-deciduous leaves originally from Brazil. The purple to pink flowers bloom in the spring and the tree is also cold hardy to zone 9. Origin: Tropical S. America Height: 33ft Growth: fast Flowering: spring Salt tolerance: medium

Tabebuia chrysotricha – Golden Trumpet Tree

The bright golden yellow bell shaped flowers on this medium tree bloom once a year. The flowers bloom in the spring and the chrysotricha  is a cold hardy tree braving  into the 20’s. Origin: Colombia – Brazil Height: 33ft Growth: moderate Flowering: spring Salt tolerance: medium  

Sesbania tripetii – Red Wisteria

This small tree has reddish-orange blooms. Needs to be trimmed to maintain shape. Native to southern South America. Origin: Argentina – Brazil Height: 16ft Growth: fast Flowering: spring – fall Salt tolerance: medium  

Koelreuteria bipinnata – Chinese Flame

This fall bloomer is a medium deciduous tree.  The yellow blooms with salmon colored seed pods make a spectacular showing. Origin: Taiwan and Fiji Height: 59ft Growth: moderate Flowering: summer Salt tolerance: low

Kigelia pinnata – Sausage Tree

A medium evergreen tree from Tropical Africa that blooms year round. The flowers are dark red, fragrant and open only at night. The seed pods are large and resemble sausages, hence the name. Origin: Tropical Africa Height: 53ft Growth: fast, then moderate Flowering: on and off all year Salt tolerance: moderate