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Andansonia digitata – Baobab

Referred to as the upside down tree, this tree is famous for its large trunk and its resemblance to an upside down tree when the leaves have fallen off. The flowers appear in the late evening until early morning.

Spathodea campanulata ‘Aurea’ – Yellow African Tulip

This large evergreen tree is native to Tropical Africa. The Yellow flowers bloom fall, winter and spring. There is also a more commonly seen orange flowered Spathodea. Origin: Tropical Africa Height: 75 ft Growth: fast Flowering: fall – spring Salt tolerance: moderate to high


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Eucalyptus deglupta – Rainbow Eucalyptus

Prized for its color-filled trunk, the rainbow eucalyptus is eye catching and exotic. The older it grows, the more colors the trunk reveals. As the bark peels, the newly green flesh shows and as it matures, it goes through a variation of colors leading the tree to display a rainbow of colors. High salt tolerance. Origin: […]

Chorisia speciosa – Silk Floss Tree

This brilliant tree sports vivid large pink flowers that, in the month of October, completely cover the tree. The silk floss tree is a large tree that isn’t just known for its flowers, but its spiny trunk as well (often referred to as the “monkey no climb tree”). It has many different crosses resulting in […]

Bursera simaruba – Gumbo Limbo

This large deciduous tree is most notable for it’s peeling reddish bark. The small white blooms that appear spring and winter are insignificant. A native to South Florida and the Caribbean it also has a high salt tolerance. Origin: Tropical America Height: 82ft Growth: fast Flowering: all year Salt tolerance: high

Tipuana tipu – Pride of Bolivia/Rosewood

A large evergreen tree with yellow-orange blooms. Native to South America this is a cold hardy tree that blooms in the spring. Origin: Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia Height: 115ft Growth: fast Flowering: spring to summer Salt tolerance: low  

Tamarindus indica – Edible Tamarind

This is a large tree that is native to India. the light yellow blooms with evergreen leaves bloom in the spring and summer. Seed pods are used to make tea and are also edible. Makes a great shade tree. Origin: Africa Height: 33ft Growth: moderate Flowering: year round Salt tolerance: high

Spathodea campanulata – African Tulip

This large evergreen tree is native to Tropical Africa. The orange flowers bloom fall, winter and spring. There is also a rarer form of yellow. Origin: Tropical Africa Height: 75 ft Growth: fast Flowering: spring – autumn Salt tolerance: moderate to high

Samanea saman – Rain Tree

The origin of this large evergreen tree is Tropical America. The pink powder-puff like blooms stand out against the dark waxy green leaves. The leaves close at night producing condensation, hence the common name. Origin: Tropical America Height: 70ft Growth: fast Flowering: spring Salt tolerance: moderate